Underpine Woods is a 27 Acre sustainably managed ex-plantation woodland just outside of Bude in Cornwall. Originally planted in the 1970’s the woods as a plantation crop, it is now being transformed into a beautiful space for everyone to enjoy by Beth and Sam. With a winding stream, steep hills and wonderfully straight rows of thousands towering Coniferous trees, dotted with some broadleaf giants, plenty of ferns and lots of self seeded joys under the canopy.

The woods are now run as an event space for community events, workshops, fitness and wellness classes, as well as being responsibly managed as a traditional woodland, making Charcoal, firewood and traditional crafts to maintain and improve the nature and biodiversity of the whole space.


We have a wide range of wildlife at Underpine woods, with some of the most exciting being a very special sigthing of our resident Otter and frequent encounters with the herds of deer! You dont have to sit quiet for long before you start noticing the busy dragonflies & butterflies, hear the sounds of birds over head and  watch soaring birds of prey! If you visit at nighttime to be sure to keep an ear and eye out for lots of owls and bats too!


We are into our third year of making traditional charcoal now here at Underpine Woods, and learning more and more about this fascinating and ancient practice each time we light the kiln. We are thrilled to have received wonderful feedback from our customers far and wide and thank you all for your custom and kind words. Our charcoal is now being cooked on by lots of local familes as well as a growing number of local restaurants such as The Electric Bakery, Coombeshead Farm and Temple, all well worth a visit!

If you are looking to try our charcoal for your next bbq, you can find our charcoal sold outside out family home in Kilkhampton. Our house is called Colcott and you can find us on the main A39 on the same side of the road as the layby for Lamb Park just down from the Primary school, the last house before the turning to Tamar lakes. Youll see the charcoal hut on one side and our silly old ducks on the other!

If you are a blacksmith looking for Blacksmiths coal or gardener looking for biochar, you can contact us to purchase direct from the woodland.

Read more about our Charcoal Making here.


In 2020 we waved off our first timber load of freshly felled spruce from the woodland, a real sight to behold! Teaming up with Sorwest who expertly and carefully extracted only the trees needed without damaging the underlaying canopy, we were able to clear a small section of the sloped parts of the woods and watch as the ancient woodland sprung back to life with the new light. 3 springtimes later, that section of the wood has already returned to its native bluebell wood, without planting a single plant the forest floor is a wash of blue! We have plans to continue carefully extract the mature spruce in the woodland to be milled for local projects, and biomass with zero waste so that we can continue replanting and exposing light to the seedbank from the ancient forest in the ground.

If you are interested in timber sales for an upcoming project, please get in touch with ourselves or Sorwest and we can see how we can work together to supply you with beautiful, straight and strong spruce direct from Cornwall!