Underpine Woods is a 27 Acre sustainably managed ex-plantation woodland just outside of Bude in Cornwall. Originally planted in the 1970’s the woods as a plantation crop, it is now being transformed into a beautiful space for everyone to enjoy by Beth and Sam. With a winding stream, steep hills and wonderfully straight rows of thousands towering Coniferous trees, dotted with some broadleaf giants, plenty of ferns and lots of self seeded joys under the canopy.

The woods are now run as an event space for community events, workshops, fitness and wellness classes, as well as being responsibly managed as a traditional woodland, making Charcoal, firewood and traditional crafts to maintain and improve the nature and biodiversity of the whole space.

Bee Keeping

We are thilled to play host to several busy bee hives at Underpine Woods, the hives are nestled among the tall grasses on the old meadow where they can feed off the tree pollen and hedgerows. The hives carefully managed by bee-keeper Suzanne of Bee & Berry.

The Meadow

The Old meadow is a 2 acre wet meadow which has stood untouched for over a decade. Now with the dedicated help and knowledge of Lorna we plan to restore it to is original beauty and bio-diversity. After attending the 2019 Meadow Makers together we are really excited to start on our meadow management plans this coming winter!


We have a wide range of wildlife at Underpine woods, with some of the most exciting being a small herd of deer and reported sightings of Otters! You dont have to sit quiet for long before you start noticing the busy dragonflies & butterflies, hear the sounds of birds over head and  watch soaring birds of prey! If you visit at nighttime to be sure to keep an ear and eye out for lots of owls and bats too!


We are excited to start a new adventure of making charcoal this coming spring! We are very grateful to The Bulworthy Project who shared their vast knowledge of Charcoal making with Sam when he attending one of their courses this year. Keep an eye out as we start collecting firewood ready for the Charcoal season and build our Charcoal area and don’t forget to visit when BBQ season starts for a bag of chemical free, responsible lumpwood charcoal!