A regular meetup for people committed to protecting and restoring the biodiversity and health of the land in their care.


11th December 2019 | 29th January 2020 | 12th March 2020

 Why we’re meeting

The finely balanced ecosystem that supports us is under severe strain.

A quarter of British birds and mammals are under threat of extinction, we’ve lost 50% of our insect population in the past 30 years and we’ve been warned that there may be only 100 harvests left in the UK due to soil depletion.

Movements like rewilding, regenerative agriculture and agroforestry sound like the answer to our problems but how do we put these into action in a considered way? And how do we achieve goals like restoring biodiversity and sequestering carbon while also supporting ourselves and the rural communities around us?

These are the questions we’re getting together to explore each month.

 Our ambition

We are landowners, farmers, small holders and community members who feel a responsibility towards the complex ecosystems within the boundaries of our land and who want to learn from and support one another.

The ambition of this group is to see a thriving and abundant landscape that supports the health, wellbeing and livelihood of the people around it and restores the balance of the ecosystems that allow us to continue living.

By getting to know one another, we can not only learn from each other but potentially coordinate our efforts, pool resources and have a greater impact.

In our first meeting we’ll explore what we’re all doing, what we’ve learned so far and what help we need.

We’ll use this to identify the subject matter expertise we’d like to invite into future meetings, to give us inspiration and point us to helpful resources.

We are not experts and we are not trying to save the world – we are providing a non-judgemental forum that values healthy dialogue, mutual support and practical action.

If this sounds like you, please come and join us.

Please arrive for a 7pm start.


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